There Are No Boring Days In Crypto

One week in Bitcoin is like a year in any other financial market. It’s fast, furious and volatile.  Fail to keep a daily check on events surrounding crypto and you will lose your shirt. Take a leisurely bath without your trading alerts and the whole market has changed by the time your dry. It’s a wild ride, very intense, but exciting, it’s like juggling dynamite. Keep ahead of it and you will become very wealthy.



                                                   Reflections On The Journey


After eight intensive years of research studying the essential avenues in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Web3 and AI, I see why this new technology is so superior, innovative and formative for a better future.

It’s been an exciting learning curve, a new language. These technologies and protocols are at the forefront of a new wave in extreme tech.

Understanding why blockchains are centralised or decentralised, permissionless and trustless. The importance of nodes and myriad advances continuing with massive exuberance leaves me thrilled to be a part of this journey.

I can now see a narrow light through the technical wonder wall and witness the incredible use cases in action. These are the most elite Blockchains and technical structures making significant changes in the world.

Blockchains are used in many applications, including for greater good. They can stop despots in their tracks, give autonomy to millions of people and make billionaires in the process. It is a significant journey not to be missed!