100 Coders in Crypto

100 Top Coders in Crypto and Blockchain

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin Creator
  2. Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum Creator
  3. Gavin Andresen – Bitcoin Core Developer
  4. Pieter Wuille – Bitcoin Core Developer
  5. Nick Szabo – Cryptographer and Smart Contract Pioneer
  6. Adam Back – Hashcash Creator and Bitcoin Pioneer
  7. Jeff Garzik – Bitcoin Core Developer and Bloq CEO
  8. Hal Finney – Cypherpunk, Bitcoin Pioneer, and Bitcoin Core Developer
  9. Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator and Former Coinbase Engineer
  10. Gregory Maxwell – Bitcoin Core Developer and Co-Founder of Blockstream
  11. Alex Mizrahi – Co-Founder of Efir and Founder of Chain Code Labs
  12. Jimmy Song – Bitcoin Educator and Entrepreneur
  13. Anthony Di Iorio – Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of Jaxx
  14. Dan Boneh – Cryptography Professor at Stanford University
  15. Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn – Zcash Creator and Founder of Zcash Company
  16. Daniel Larimer – EOS Creator and Founder of Block.one
  17. Christian Reitwiessner – Solidity Developer and Founder of Ethereum Foundation
  18. Amir Taaki – Bitcoin Core Developer and Founder of Dark Wallet
  19. Ethan Buchman – Cosmos Creator and Founder of Tendermint
  20. Wladimir van der Laan – Bitcoin Core Developer and Lead Maintainer
  21. Jae Kwon – Tendermint Creator and Cosmos Co-Founder
  22. Erik Voorhees – Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Founder of ShapeShift
  23. Riccardo Spagni – Monero Developer and Lead Maintainer
  24. Brian Armstrong – Coinbase CEO and Co-Founder
  25. Peter Todd – Bitcoin Core Developer and Security Consultant
  26. David Schwartz – Ripple CTO and Developer
  27. Juan Benet – Filecoin Creator and Founder of Protocol Labs
  28. Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin Educator and Author
  29. Craig Wright – Bitcoin SV Creator and Chief Scientist at nChain
  30. Jed McCaleb – Co-Founder of Ripple and Stellar
  31. Cory Fields – Bitcoin Core Developer and Digital Currency Initiative Member
  32. Charlie Shrem – Bitcoin Pioneer and Founder of BitInstant
  33. Diogo Monica – Anchorage Co-Founder and Security Expert
  34. Neha Narula – Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT
  35. Nicolas Dorier – BTCPay Server Creator and Bitcoin Developer
  36. Mike Hearn – Bitcoin Pioneer and Former Google Engineer
  37. Dan Robinson – Chain Founder and Ethereum Researcher
  38. Joshua Davis – Director of Developer Relations at Ripple
  39. Hudson Jameson – Ethereum Foundation Member and Developer
  40. Brian Bishop – Bitcoin Core Developer and LedgerX Advisor
  41. Joey Krug – Co-Founder of Augur and Pantera Capital Co-CIO
  42. Samson Mow – Blockstream CSO and Bitcoin Pioneer
  43. Ryan X. Charles – Bitcoin Cash Developer and CEO of Money Button
  44. Will Binns – Orchid Protocol Creator and Founder
  45. Brian Fabian Crain – Co-Founder of Chorus One and Epicenter Podcast Host
  46. Alex Morcos – Chaincode Labs Co-Founder and Bitcoin Core Developer
  47. Oleg Andreev – Bitcoin Core Developer and Cryptographer
  48. Michael Folkson – King’s College London Researcher and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer
  49. Fred Ehrsam – Co-Founder of Coinbase and Paradigm
  50. George Hotz – Comma.ai Founder and Bitcoin Enthusiast
  51. Gavin Wood – Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of Parity Technologies
  52. Peter Szil’s job. Peter Szil is the co-founder and CTO of the blockchain platform, Enjin.
  53. Sunny King – Peercoin and V Systems Creator
  54. Chris Dixon – General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and Crypto Investor
  55. Christopher Allen – Blockchain Consultant and Co-Author of TLS Protocol
  56. Will Martino – Co-Founder of Kadena and Chainweb Creator
  57. Emin Gün Sirer – Cornell Professor and Founder of Ava Labs
  58. Ian Grigg – Financial Cryptography Pioneer and Blockchain Consultant
  59. Anthony Sassano – Ethereum Educator and Founder of EthHub
  60. Jutta Steiner – Parity Technologies Founder and Former Ethereum Foundation Member
  61. Alex Tapscott – Blockchain Researcher and Co-Author of “Blockchain Revolution”
  62. Ryan Selkis – Co-Founder of Messari and Former Digital Currency Group Executive
  63. Martin Köppelmann – Gnosis Co-Founder and Ethereum Developer
  64. Matt Corallo – Bitcoin Core Developer and Chaincode Labs Advisor
  65. Ben Goertzel – SingularityNET Founder and AI Researcher
  66. Michael Stay – Py-ECC Developer and Former Google Security Engineer
  67. Austin Hill – Co-Founder of Blockstream and Zero Knowledge Systems
  68. Tony Arcieri – Crypto and Security Expert and Former Square Engineer
  69. Jameson Lopp – Casa CTO and Bitcoin Educator
  70. Peter Rizun – Bitcoin Unlimited Developer and Researcher
  71. Paul Sztorc – Drivechain Creator and Bitcoin Developer
  72. Peter Todd – Bitcoin Core Developer and Security Consultant
  73. Matthew Green – Cryptography Professor at Johns Hopkins University
  74. Taras Filatov – TON Labs CEO and Former Telegram Developer
  75. John Newbery – Bitcoin Developer and Chaincode Labs Advisor
  76. Eminence Grise – Gnosis Creator and Blockchain Researcher
  77. Richard Burton – Co-Founder of Balance and Former EY Blockchain Lead
  78. Justin Drake – Ethereum Researcher and Co-Author of Ethereum 2.0 Specifications
  79. Trent McConaghy – Ocean Protocol Co-Founder and BigchainDB Creator
  80. Michael Saylor – CEO of MicroStrategy and Bitcoin Investor
  81. Lane Rettig – Ethereum Researcher and Former Ethereum Cat Herder
  82. Amir Bandeali – 0x Co-Founder and Ethereum Developer
  83. Ronghui Gu – CKB Creator and Nervos Network Co-Founder
  84. Nick Johnson – Ethereum Name Service Creator and Former Ethereum Foundation Member
  85. Philippe Castonguay – Fluent Network Creator and Ethereum Researcher
  86. Gregory Landua – Regen Network Co-Founder and Sustainability Expert
  87. Christopher Franko – Expanse Creator and Blockchain Developer
  88. Kyle Samani – Multicoin Capital Co-Founder and Crypto Investor
  89. Ryan Zurrer – Former Polychain Capital Partner and Crypto Investor
  90. Mariano Conti – MakerDAO Head of Smart Contracts and Ethereum Developer
  91. Erik Voorhees – Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Founder of ShapeShift
  92. Tyler Winklevoss – Co-Founder of Gemini and Bitcoin Investor
  93. Cameron Winklevoss – Co-Founder of Gemini and Bitcoin Investor
  94. Jihan Wu – Co-Founder of Bitmain and Bitcoin Mining Pioneer
  95. Chen Weixing – Kuaidi Founder and NEO Investor
  96. Roger Ver – Bitcoin Cash Advocate and Founder of Bitcoin.com
  97. Sam Bankman-Fried – FTX Founder and Crypto Investor
  98. Changpeng Zhao – Binance Founder and CEO
  99. Brian Behlendorf – Hyperledger Executive Director and Blockchain Pioneer
  100. Sunny Lu – VeChain Founder and CEO